A little teaset

Ladybug has loved playing with teasets for many months now. I had a mini porcelain teaset which had fallen from a shelf a few times and consisted of two cups, three saucers, and a teapot. She loved them and we had rules about them (only on the rug…), but slowly they have gotten broken and reglued and I finally said, I’ll just have to make you a little teaset that you can’t break. My immediate first thought was: paper! I can whip out a little teaset from paper.

Fast forward several months and I’ve finally started the teaset. It’s slow going, like everything else, but coming along. I’m not sure if I’ll also make saucers and a teapot, but for now, cups! First up, the large, solid rolls they are made from:

teaset in early development

Next, the cups take shape and are coated with glue.

teaset development

Because these will be handled by a 2 year old, I’m designing sturdy handles. No frilly curly handles here. The handles will wrap completely around the cup several times, sacrificing much of the “sit-flat-ness” of the cups, but they will stand up to some wear and tear. Now just three more to go.

teaset handles